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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hermann August Kuhling 1866


BORN- September 1866
PLACE- Oxhöft, Westpreußen, Preußen, Germany

DIED- October 27, 1942  (76 yrs old)
PLACE- Star City, Saskatchewan

IMMIGRATED TO AMERICA- 1888 (22 yrs old)

Family then and now...

Alma Francoeur & William Kuhling
Aron Dyck
Joseph Tremblay
Joseph Didier Francoeur and Mary Anna Pearl Tremblay
Alma Francoeur and William Kuhling
Anna Katherine (Blaase) Kuhling and Family
Joseph and Mary Anna Francoeur
August Kuhling

In the beginning...

My interest in genealogy started years ago when I was in school.  We were given an assignment to find out who our grandparents were, where they came, who their parents were and where they came from and any and all other information we could find out about ourselves and our families.  So began my interest and fascination into genealogy.  I now have a very extensive record of most of my family; and I am so excited to share some of what I found with you all.....