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Friday, January 11, 2013

Jean LECLERC - Marie Madeleine BLANQUET dit Langlois

Jean LECLERC - Marie Madeleine BLANQUET dit Langlois

Jean Leclerc was from Dieppe, Normandy, France. His parents, Jean LECLERC & Perette BRUNEL , had him baptized on 24 August 1635 in Dieppe. 3,4
Jean married Marie Madeleine Blanquet dit Langlois about 1657 in Dieppe. She was the daughter of
Adrien BLANQUET and an unknown mother.1,7
In 1662, this couple, along with Marie-Madeleine's father, Adrien, immigrated to Canada, a year after Jean's sister Marguerite did the same. Did sister Marguerite write letters home, talking about the new country and fire her brother's imagination? It's entirely possible.7
Jean and Marie Madeleine had 9 children:

Born about 1658 in France. Pierre married Elisabeth or Isabelle Rondeau, daughter of Thomas RONDEAU & Andrée REMONDIÈRE; their children Joseph and Marguerite are of interest to us. Pierre was buried at St. Laurent on the Île d'Orleans on 27 January 1736.1,7,9
Marguerite-Born 26 December 1660 in France. Married Clement Ruelle; son of Jacques; nothing else about Clement is known at this time.1,7
Jean-Baptized 18 March 1663 at Château Richer.1
Marguerite Anne-Baptized 17 September 1664 at Château-Richer. Married Jacques Bouffard 15 March 1680 at St. Pierre; the following year they are found as neighbors of
Francois NOËL & Nicole LEGRAND. Jacques was born about 1655 in Rouen, Normandy, France; his parents were Jean & Marguerite Laferriere; nothing else known about them.1,7,8

Marie Nicole-Baptized 27 April 1666 at Ste. Famille on the Île d'Orleans; and was buried there 18 May 1668.1

Adrien-Baptized 24 October 1670 at Ste. Famille. He married Genevieve Paradis, who
was baptized 15 June 1675, daughter of
Guillaume Paradis and Genevieve Millouer. The couple had 13 children; their son Adrien is of note.1,7
Adrien Sr. took over the domain of his maternal grandfather,
Adrien BLANQUET, after the death of his mother. Adrien Leclerc was buried 1 February 1746 in Charlesbourg, Quebec. Genevieve's death details are unknown.1,7
Marie Madeleine-Baptized 14 July 1672 at Ste. Famille. She married René Pellitier 5 November 1691 at St. Pierre. René was born about 1659; his family and origins are unknown; he was buried 13 January 1713 at St. Pierre. Marie Madeleine was buried 28 October 1702 at St. Pierre, Île d'Orleans.1,7
Martin-Baptized at Ste. Famille on 4 April 1674 and buried 8 March 1703 at St. Pierre.1,7

Jean seems to be the first one of this couple to die; however, the details surrounding that event are cloudy. The marriage record of his daughter Anne in 1680 states that he was "absent in France". When the census takers came around the next year, they listed Marie Madeleine as "Marie Blanquet, widow of Jean Leclerc". His death or burial in France has not been confirmed; however no burial record for him has ever been uncovered in Canada.7
Marie Madeleine was buried on 10 September 1709 at St. Pierre.1 In 1669, when her father died, he left her half of his assets. Upon Marie Madeleine's death, the property of her father was passed to his namesake--Adrien Leclerc.7

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